Monday, July 6, 2009

Why We Love Summer... From a Family on a Tight Budget

Jar Savings from the last two weeks: 22.08 USD
Happy July everyone!
It's summertime and our household, although technically only two summers old with all of us in it, has been busy! With beautiful weather (almost EVERY darn day!) Parks and just fun afternoons at the grandparents and with friends... we wonder how it goes to quickly.
I realize not everyone is as lucky as we are to live in San Diego- with all the activities- and our fancy Schmancy Zoo, and our first Sea World Ever. So here are some things it seems, everyone loves to do in the summer time...broken down in a few easy categories. Of course, this is geared towards the young-uns and the infants... but if you have good ones for bigger kids, please CHIME IN!
Cheap Summer Toys: All simple, easy to get and clean up...
Bubbles: Babies love 'em and toddlers love em. They're under a dollar in most places. You can buy a gallon of bubbles for like 3 bucks in some places... out in the park, in your yard. You can also make your own bubbles with corn syrup and water. Kiddos can eat them too.
A Ball: plain, plastic bouncy ball. You can get em for under 3 USD at Wal-Mart, Target etc. You can play all kinds of ball are some.
Sidewalk chalk: I was floored when I bought a pack of 24 sticks of sidewalk chalk for 2.99 USD. You can sweep it away, hose it away when your kids are done. There are a lot of sidewalk chalk games
Kite: Not always, the cheapest, but a pretty great investment if you get a good one. Or you can make one...

Stuff to Do:
Toy Store Trip: Go to the toy store or your local store, to look for some of the aforementioned toys, make a day of it... pack a picnic, or snacks... tell the toddler to pick a colorful ball or let him or her know what you will be doing with it.
Front Yard/Balcony Picnics: You can do this for lunch, or dinner. BBQ is always a fun way to eat dinners... make a point of doing it once a week.
Library: Most local libraries have story times, and so do major book store chains. research this stuff and get to one of these...
Local Rec Center: A lot of local rec centers have free arts and crafts, or a snack time. All across America, there is a free lunch program put on by the FDA- your 2-18 year olds can get a free healthy lunch at the rec center... this is to help relieve mom or dad with making the lunches and get the kids out to the parks. Click here for more info...
Drive-In Movie or Park Movies: bring your favorite snacks and food to the drive in or local park! Your kiddos can be rambunctious and they get to be in the car or on a picnic blanket more of a private area but also gets you out and about.
Movie Night: Make a themed movie night at your house where the dinner and the movie match. For instance, if you are watching Ratatouille, what better than to serve french themed food? Play a game having to do with the movie theme... or dress up your house in the theme as well.

Random tip: Don't forget to stock up on sunscreen!

Whatever you do, make it a fun day and a fun summer... because they get shorter and shorter every year. At least, it seems this way.


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