Saturday, July 11, 2009

Day Trip To Seal Beach, CA

We are visiting some cousins tomorrow from the East Coast, and I suspect there will be a some shenanigans goin' on in the park tomorrow. Our fast, "To Go" from home breakfast...
For the 2 year old: a banana, cup of cheerios, about 6 ounces of milk in a sippy cup.
For the 7 month old: 6 ounces of formula
Mom: Yogurt & Coffee
Dad: Bowl of Cereal (before we drive off) & Coffee

The drive is about an hour and a half... we get gas, and some snacks along the way and coffee. Memmy has her Whoozit. (That blue whatsit you see on the right there... and Myla is bringing Loey (her cleanliness-deficient stuffed dog) and her soccer ball for the park. Can't wait to see the cousins!
For a day trip I usually bring 8 diapers each. (this is obviously an overage) a first aid kit, and a small cooler filled with waters, juice boxes and necessary milk. On a side note, I purchased this 6 pack cooler at Target that was 8.99 USD. I LOVE IT. It has probably already saved us about 20 USD in drinks alone from beverages in all the places we have been already. We will let you know how the trip went... and give you an update on the traveling.


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