Monday, June 22, 2009

A Recon Trip to REI...

We were on a mission today to find the Kelty, Transit. It's a baby carrier/backpack for babies a little bit older, can hold up to 40 pounds of baby. I forget how much I love this store. It has EVERYTHING you could possibly need... we found kids backpacks (REI Squirt, has a H20 system/hose) and the types of shoes we plan on packing with us. The shoes we want to have are trail running shoes, and also waterproof type sandal shoes for the girls. Of course, we are partial to Eagle Creek for our actual rucksacks. Going tonight made me realize just how much stuff we are going to need for this trip. They didn't have the Kelty's but we put our name on the list for the end of the month. I could have stayed the whole time looking at the First Aid Kit Stuff. But on another note, individually wrapped things are much nicer for a person packing a bunch of stuff. Not that great for the environment, but great for your comfort while on the road.


120 Days Later said...

I just wanted to add, that we did try Myles & Emmy on the Kelty Transit... and uhhh, we need to either try it again or just forget it. Myles kept complaining that her "leg hurt" in it, and Emmy, just got mad and cried inside it. Papa didn't like how it felt and I complained about all the straps that made no sense. So, that my friends is my review of the Kelty Transit.

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