Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Here are the pics we decided to use for the Gap Casting call. You can vote once day I believe for each kid. Please vote for the first Myla picture because they cant combine the pic votes. Thanks everyone! have a good week and don't forget to vote every day. After the first initial time, it's just a click, so don't let that hinder your clicker fingers.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Fall Weather & Trips for November

Andy is going to Chicago to attend a business conference. We were at first, thinking of trying to tag along- his room is paid for, and we would just have to take care of airfare and personal money. But, financially, we just won't be able to swing it this time. We would need about 800-1000 if we want to eat, go to the Shedd Aquarium etc. That, and practically, Andy would have been working day and night- so this time around, he is on a recon mission for us instead. We have received all the info as to how we can do it next time, if we are lucky enough to have extra funds. I have a few friends in Chicago, so we might just make it a family trip on our own.
Of course we have to go on a couple overnights for some weekends. So we have a weekend in November reserved for the Huntington Library. We have an extra day off, so no vacation days will be used. When we first went, we were in the middle of a heat wave and the grounds were impossible to move through. Now, it is chillier and we will take the girls (of course) and be able to enjoy the gardens fully.
I love, love fall weather. I love cloudy, chilly, almost rainy and rainy weather. I was really meant to live in the UK or something. Being born and raised in San Diego, where it's sunny almost year round... I get depressed about the sunny, perfect, weather quite often. I think both the girls like the cooler weather, as when we went up to San Francisco and we had to bundle them up, they looked like they were having such a good time.

Advantages of Colder Weather:
  • For picnics, and just snack toting- food and milk doesn't get spoiled as quickly, you might even get away with not having to bring a cooler. A lot of baby bags have insulated stuff- that keeps the hot things hot and the cold things cold.
  • Socks. I just like socks.
  • Layering. Some summer stuff can be layered, light pants can go under dresses, boys long sleeved shirts can go under tee shirts etc. I love Baby Legs. Baby Leg Warmers that you can throw over leggings, under dresses, even wear on arms (yours or your kid's!) And when you are trying to make a quick diaper change, they make it much easier.
  • You can stay out longer. You don't have to worry about little ones getting sun stroke and heat exposure. Also, the little ones are less likely to get tired right away.
  • Places to go are less crowded and busy.
  • Everything is pretty much cheaper, admission, flights (except for the days before and after major holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas.), hotel room rates, etc.
  • Souvenirs from little trips during the cooler seasons make great Holiday gifts. So, multi task and do some small holiday shopping (be sure you can pack it on the plane!)
Stuff to bring when you go out in the chilly fall weather... room temperature bottle of water, hand sanitizer, (proven fact, we wash our hands less in the colder months.) Blankets for infants (of course) and a Toddler needs a snuggle also.
I am going to be working most of these holiday weekends at a retail job so we can make ends meet. More on that in a few, can't post what I am unsure of. Both the girls are excited about the prospect of Pumpkin Patches, dressing up as Darth Vader & Yoda, Turkeys and Christmas Trees. Hopefully, you'll be on the seat of your diapers and keep up with us!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Will Work for Travel

The Family and I have some exciting local trips ahead, well, in the planning still... First off, we want to go somewhere cold, within a 2-4 hour flight from San Diego so we can go on a weekend. If we can't really see the seasons, we will settle for San Francisco. This will be sometime in November. We have a couple weekends reserved for our new favorite, the Huntington Library, and also a trip planned to Disneyland for a wedding for our dear friends Tim and Chelsea. We are really, quite excited about that.

So there are hotel room nests to build, bags to pack... and I am also in the market for rolling luggage. Rick Steves, my favorite travel guru, sells a nice carry-on standard rolling luggage which I simply must get, and a lot cheaper than most. I know his stuff won't fall apart on you either.

In order to pay for these trips, I am applying for a seasonal job, cutting back unnecessary Christmas expenses and looking for deals and coupons everywhere I can find them. (For trips as well as every day household things.) Basically, "Will Work for Travel" should be my new motto. I am signed up to see some time shares that we can't afford or buy, with no intention of buying them. Just want the free trips they give away with them, and the 30 bucks cash they give you for your time. Nice.

Other ways I have made a little bit of money:
  • Consumer Surveys (25-65 usd an hour, about 1-3 hours)
  • consignment stores for the girls old clothes (about 100-200 bucks a drop off)
  • seasonal part-time retail position
  • enter free contests
  • rebates, coupon cutting (this is very time consuming, but you will be surprised how much it adds up.)