Sunday, July 12, 2009

Redwoods National Park ROADTRIP!

We have decided that our labor day weekend will include a 13 hour drive to Northern California on a road trip with the kiddos. Leave Friday after work (I think Papa has a half day), car packed from the night before and head to the open road! Can't wait, as I have never seen these parks before, since I'm not really all that into "nature" as I like to joke. Then back on Monday so Papa can work the next day. (Poor guy!)
The California Redwoods are one of the "500 Places to Take Your Kids Before they Grow Up." I love road trips... packing the cooler full of ice and cold beverages, leaving the wee hours of the morning, coffee in hand... nothing but the open road in front of you and adventures 'round every corner.
But of course, we are leaving in the afternoon... and picking up Papa from work... Oh well. The sensory image was nice anyway. If you have been to Redwoods National Park before, please let me know anything that is a MUST see, aside from big-ass trees. My packing list is starting to grow... Papa & I have a couple overnights for Comic Con and for our anniversary in LA, and I will write about alone time later.


Sombrero Grande said...

This trip sounds like so much fun! We are also getting the road trip bug since it has been a few months since the last one. Maybe we'll see what you guys think of this trip, and if this was enough time and maybe copy you! :-)

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