Monday, June 8, 2009

Safety Tips on The Road...Excerpt from Travel Guide for Toddlers and Infants

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For reasons to be named later, I can only put excerpts from The Health & Safety Chapter in the book, on the blog.  I tried to pick out the most important things and post them on here, but of course, this is not everything, so just use it as a bit of advice.  Remember, the best thing to use is common sense because there are so many different countries with their own set of what is acceptable safe behavior and what is considered deviant behavior in their particular country.  

First Aid Kit:  You need some basics on here to have a good infant/toddler medical kit...a good start is this little pod they sell at stores like Target or Marshall Fields (on the East Coast).  It's a good start because it comes with band-aids, non-stinging cleaner, antibiotic ointment, basically stuff for scrapes and cuts that Toddlers and babies love to get.  
But, here is my First Aid Kit and it covers a wider range of ailments for both adults and the wee ones.
In a quart size ziplock container: (TSA Approved as well.)
Big Band-Aids
Regular Band Aids
Smaller Band-Aids
Non-stinging antiseptic Cleaner (we use that foam, "boo-boo juice")
Alchohol Swabs (6-8 of these)
Sting relief pads
Antibiotic cream/ointment
Small roll of medical tape
Infant Tylenol
Infant/children's Benadryl
2 sets of earplugs
aloe vera gel
sunscreen (small, emergency bottle or wipe)
burn cream
ice/hot pack (there is the kind that is both)
small safety scissors
baby nail clippers
anti-itch cream
Any prescription meds (if needed)
any prescription copies from your doctor
eye drops
blister care

Baby Proofing While on The Road:  
Blue Painter's Tape: this kind of tape works wonders for babyproofing your hotel room or any place your staying.  It comes off easily and doesn't chip or peel the paint of the furniture.  You can also use it to cover electrical sockets and tape washcloths to the sharp corners of tables.   

Misc Safety: 
Pictures: Another good idea I read about somewhere said that you should take a picture of your babies in case you get separated from them.  Is the picture an okay depiction of the babies?   Have a copy of this picture in your wallet and also have a picture of your family with your child's things, that way they can make the connection if you ever got separated.  



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