Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Win a GREAT Summer Reading Book! NO TOUCH MONKEY By Ayun Halliday

We've decided to have a contest for those of you people who are following or starting to follow... 

Send in your questions, comments, travel experiences, stories or just say how much you like us and I'll pick the best piece and send you a free copy of this book! Last day to enter is: 31 May 2009.  

"I laughed hard on nearly every page of this shockingly intimate travel memoir and deeply funny book."  -Stephen Colbert, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart 



Anonymous said...

Ones successis determined by ones beliefs and so therefore having read your blog I think your trip will be awsome. You have a clear "why" and therefore will be open and welcoming as a family, to the experiences you encounter. I think its a fabulous opportunity and small children are portable and much more able to adapt to different cultures, climates and routines than adults (IMO) and even if they don't remember exact detail, the very essence of travel will stay with them! Best Regards Potti, from the BAM forum.

120 Days Later said...

I love the BAM forum, and THANK YOU for these great words of encouragement! Really, notes like this make our day! Keep reading and I hope you will find some enjoyment, if not entertainment from it. Thanks so much again! -Melissa

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