Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Decline in Airline Attendants and their Service

I always bring a bottle of children's benadryl or children's cough syrup on the plane, and luckily have never needed it. I absolutely refuse to give them to my kids unless they are really sick or need it. I have been doing some research, and I did read about a fllight attendant drugging a kids' milk (sued and fired). I also heard of things like kids getting thrown out of planes because their kids were misbehaving. With this being said, I have also noticed a dismal decline in service from most American Based Carriers- United, American and Northwest being the biggest of these after 9/11, I have been traveling for about 20 years now, and absolutely refuse to use American Carriers with my kids unless it is absolutely necessary. I think the flight attendants and employees of these American carriers are beginning to use Homeland Security as an excuse not to be nice anymore and taking their "disgruntled employee in a customer service" attitudes and using Homeland Security as a way to empower themselves. And noticably, if you fly Air New Zealand, British Airways, Virgin, China Airlines, Cathay Pacific- any carrier that is not American, you get great, attentive service with airline employees that appreciate you, and will help with you with you and your children. I hate to be a basher of particular brands, but personally, I haven't had great service from United or American on board any of the flights I have travelled. Any. That's really saying something.


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