Friday, May 1, 2009

Baby Changing Stations

Before we had kids, we never noticed if there was a baby chang-ing station some-where.  We never looked for the avail-ability of hot water, or even for places that offered baby food.  We found ourselves in the beginning of the trip, bumbling around looking for places to change Myla in the UK. Fortunately, our week long road trip to Utah when Myla was 5 weeks old, trained us well in changing the baby anywhere.  Basically, if you have a clean flat surface you can change your kid.  Of course, we try to refrain from changing them in eating areas.
A lot of countries are child friendly.  For changing stations, we were pleasantly surprised how nice the UK was about having changing stations in the major attractions.  For instance, in Edinburgh, Scotland, the castle had an over the top changing station.  It turned one of the castle rooms into this baby changing hexagon.  Within the walls of the castle, temporary walls were set up (like bathroom stall walls).  There was a sink with very hot water, changing tables, benches, plenty of paper towels, and rocking chairs for nursing mothers.  In their eatery, there was a baby food/bottle warmer, they sold baby food as well as other things.  
In Taipei, we were pleasantly surprised to find there was a hot water station almost everywhere you turned.  And the changing station at the airport was a traveling parent's dream!  Clean and sterilized, with signs everywhere to tell you so.  Changing stations, a crib and a carriage, a couch, separate stalls with cushions for nursing, free wipes and diapers, even a big enough sink to bathe a baby or a small child as well as a hot water station and a purified water fountain.  This post will be an ongoing one, as we travel we will take more pictures of the nappy changing units.


GroovyMelon said...

wow! that's awesome! honestly, that is one thing i always think about when i'm going places. "how am i gonna change my kid?". To be on the safe side, i've mastered the art of changing babies diapers on my lap.

120 Days Later said...

On your lap is so professional! I think we tried doing that once on the train but it didn't work too well because of the table, so we just changed her on the table. I feel for you. It's nice that a lot of people will at least send you to an office or a side room somewhere where it's more private.

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