Monday, April 6, 2009

Why This is Important

This is important because we want to let our girls know that they are small, although important parts of a larger world.  I want them to feel like the world is an explorable place, and that there is much more to their life than just Cost-Co and Gymboree class. 
I can already hear the hamster wheels spinning as I get a couple more hits on this blog.  I have put some FAQ here.  Believe me, I have asked myself these questions before we take our kids someplace other than an hour and half drive away.  
Why would you take your little kids on a trip like this?  They won't even remember!
I think it's best to say as far as memories go, this trip is for Andy and myself.  Myla is at the age now, where she can appreciate, retain and comprehend more than what people give her credit for.  Emily just loves to be out of the house.  She loved the month in the Philippines and being toted around and just being near us all the time.  The truth is, we will be able to spend quality time with our kids while sharing the world with them.  There will be no regular TV watching, no house to worry about or grind to work on.  I think for people with kids, you will understand that feeling of watching your kids go through it also.  It's more fun to watch your kids experience it, than it is to experience it yourself.
Aren't you afraid of the dangers in other countries?
Foreign countries are no more dangerous than any major US City or the Philippines for that matter, and I have been going there almost every year since I was fourteen.  
How are you going to pay for this?
The water jug in our living room.  Mostly sponsorships and advertising.  Private investors.  No loans.  This is all being worked out and we have two years to work on it.  We are a very simple living ffamily, and our indulgences rest on DVD's and books. We have one small, non-gas-guzzling car and make homemade lunches. The water jug will be supplemented by some small and big sacrifices we will have to make for the sake of the trip.  


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