Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Jar Method

Wanna know how you can make save an average of 500-1000 a year to pay for your trip?  Get a big container.  We are using a five gallon water cooler container.  Put change in it.  Not just the loose change in your pocket... you have to also change your spending habits.  Just a little.

First:  Start paying for things solely in cash.  Get cash out of your bank's ATM's.  This might require some timing on your part.  
Second:  Don't spend your change.  For instance:  you buy a coffee that costs $1.85.  Pay with 2.00, and not exact change.  You will get .15 cents back.  Put that in your pocket or wallet.  You should never touch coins to pay with again unless you are putting it in the jar.  My husband has a hard time with this.  But he has gotten the hang of it.  
Any money that is in coin form, or loose money you know you will end up wasting throw it in the jar.
Here is how ours is progressing: 
Our average week using this method between Andy and I is 13.22 USD.   This is the change saved from trips to the market, gas, Starbucks, lunch etc.  
52.88 a month
634.56 a year.

We have really gotten into it and put any money saved from no impulse buying, or for every time we made a greeting card instead of buying one.  Once in awhile, if there is a little extra ones for change... I throw it in.  You can do it any way you you feel easiest.  At the end, we are having a coin rolling party.  Dont use those coinstar things only because they charge you 9 cents to the dollar. 


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