Monday, April 6, 2009

Our budget...just numbers.

In case you are wondering...
Here is a breakdown of what a trip like this might cost...and of course, I estimated an overage of EVERYTHING by about 50 USD, and I also made everybody the cost of an adult.  Some of the things, like rail passes and airfare and such the kids might still be free.  As things get weeded out we will deduct or add from this list.  I kept in mind inflation in two years also.  This is based on a 120 Day Trip... 
1. Daily Allowance accomodations 100 USD = 12,000
2. Airfare (round trip for 5 passengers) 4000 USD = 20,000
3. Rail Passes/Ferry Tickets 900 per passenger = 4500 USD
4. Emergency Money 10,000 USD (in the form of a credit card)
5. Travel Insurance 400 USD per person = 2000 USD
6. souvenirs 25 USD a day = 3000 USD
7. Museum/Attractions/Events Admission 50 USD = 6000 USD
8. Baby/Kid Supplies 20 USD a day = 2400 USD
9. Food 50 USD = 6000 USD
10. Local Transport 20 USD = 2400 USD
11. phone/internet 10 usd a day = 1200 USD
12. laptop 1100 USD
13. cameras 1100 USD
14. Travel Gear = 600 USD
15.  entry/exit fees = ???? varies by country
16. Visas = ???
17. Passports/Pictures 100 per person = 500 USD
18. Toiletries 50 USD per per person = 250 USD
19. Change Money Fees/ ATM Fees 5 USD a Day = 600 USD
20. Misc. 20 USD a day = 2400 USD.

A Grand Total of 76,050 USD.

WAAAAAIIIIIIIIT!!!  Don't leave!  There are adjustments to be made... remember I estimated the MAXIMUM of what something could cost.  Automatically, 10,000 on the credit card is just there, not an expense.  It's a bill I would have to pay later.   Let's say, I never use it.  
66,050 USD

Travel Insurance only costs 340 per person, so we save 300 USD there...
65,750 USD

souvenirs at 25 dollars a day?  Too high!  If we spent an average of that much... it would be too much... so let's bring it down to 20 USD a day, subtract 600 USD.
65,150 USD

Let's face it, there isn't going to be admission tickets to something EVERY day.  So let's bring that down 20 USD a day... subtract 2400
62,750 USD

laptop and cameras... sponsored or use the ones we have...
60,550 USD

Travel Gear, sponsored or use what we have...
59,950 USD

Accomodations, subtract the days we will be on the road, in a couchette or traveling (estimate about 20 of these...2000 USD saved.
57,950 USD

I didn't even go through what things could have been sponsored only because I don't want to jinx anything.  I will update this and the cost will predominantly adjust as time goes on and sponsors get wind of this.  So we brought this down predominantly, and haven't even skimped while we are there.  I think the key is just your daily budget and also planning a little bit ahead as you go, so that you aren't driving yourself crazy.  For instance, if we are in Southeast Asia and a week later we find out our family has only spent 800 for 9 days, we are totally under our weekly budget for when we go to the more expensive cities, like Paris.  

If it was just Andy and I traveling, we would do more camping and more outdoorsy, sleep in the train station stuff to save money.  But since we are taking the little ones, accomodations will have to be a little more than the typical low budget traveler's ideas of saving money.   Also throughout the year there are little things you could do to budget.  I have a jar method.  Which I will talk to you more about in length later.


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