Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Back From Long Beach

I could kick myself for forgetting some things. Here I am preaching to moms about clever things you need to take, and what do I do? I forget half of my stuff! Anyway, here's what we forgot...
Blue Painter's Tape (to tape all the drawers shut for our little cruiser, as well as tape hotel washcloths to corners of tables)
Power outlet covers (4-6 of them)
extra sticky things for the tub so the toddler doesn't slip.

Papa made a nest for the toddlers sleeping quarters... I tweeted about it. It was awesome. We used the bedcovers (because they aren't very clean) to pad the bottom. Then we used, some extra hotel blankets and finally a new set of clean hotel sheets. Myles brought her blanket and her own pillow and the nest had a ring of hotel pillows around it. At the foot of the bed was Emmy's travel bed (basically a folding drawer) and we made that cozy for her. All of this stuff was on the floor so that Papa and I could sleep and not worry about them falling off the bed.

Anyway, we did alright otherwise, but we would have had an easier time if we had brought the stuff. I am definitely bringing it on our road trip because that will be all motels.

The trip was great, we saw the Long Beach Aquarium and had a great time with family. We stayed completely under budget, so we can definitely do this again! =)


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